Healthy Living: 5 EffectiveYoga Asanas For Strong And Toned Legs

Legs are like pillars of our bodies. They bear our entire body weight and hence it becomes important to take care extra care of them. While people pay attention to the specific muscles of their upper body, the lower part often gets ignored. However, if you have looking to get strong and toned legs, you may as well try taking the yoga route. We have compiled a list of five effective yoga asanas just for you

Your thighs, back, and legs are strengthened by the chair pose or Utkatasana.

How to perform:

To begin, stand straight with your feet slightly apart and your hands at your sides. Put your hands up now, facing the ceiling. As you squat down, bend your knees to form a chair position. Return to your starting position after three minutes of holding this position.

Another exercise that targets the hips and legs is the warrior pose or virabhadrasana. Your arms, shoulders, chest, and core muscles will all benefit from this Yoga pose.

How to perform:

Start by taking a straight stance, spreading your feet apart while keeping your hands by your sides. Now, turn your right foot out by 90 degrees and your left foot by about 15 degrees. Raise your hands to your shoulders while maintaining a downward-facing palm. Your back should be straight, and you should be looking to your left. After holding this position for about three minutes, switch back to your starting position. Turning to the other side should follow the same procedure.

The downward dog benefits the legs by improving blood flow and flexibility.

How to perform:

Start by descending to all fours. Now form an inverted V by lifting your hips and knee off the ground. Your feet and palms should be firmly planted on the ground. Hold this position for about a minute while keeping your core active. Return to the position after a minute.

Your legs and back will be stretched in the Prasarita Padottanasana, or wide-legged forward bend pose. Your spine is also lengthened by it.

How to perform:

To begin, place your hands at your sides and stand with your feet apart. Maintain a straight back and outward-facing feet. Exhale now and bend forward at the hip. Continue bending forward until your head touches the floor while keeping your palms on the floor. Stretch out your legs and back. After approximately 10 breaths, hold this position before returning to your starting position.

Natarajasana, also known as the Lord of the Dance Pose strengthens your leg muscles and enhances your balance.

How to perform:

To begin, stand straight with your feet spread slightly apart and your hands by your sides. Lift your right leg backward at this time. Stretch out your right leg until it is almost parallel to the ground. Your left hand should be raised in front of you with the palm down. Hold the inner right foot with your right arm extended behind you. Your chest should be lifted, and your shoulders should be relaxed. Once you’ve held it for about 30 seconds, switch back to your actual position.