Micro-Needling Much Better Treatment To Reduce Acne And Pimple Scars: Scientists

As soon as you hit puberty, it is very common for acne and pimples to show up. Most of us face the problem of acne and pimples popping up on our faces during our youth. But a bigger problem is the scars left behind even when we are way past puberty in our lives. But now scientists have found a solution to this problem. They claim that the spots and scars left behind as a result of acne and pimples can be completely removed, and the method is way more effective than a cream.

According to an article published in Science Daily, micro-needling technique beats chemical peels for acne scar treatment. Babar Rao, a professor of dermatology and pathology at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, led the research that involved 60 random patients with acne scars and dark skin – Fitzpatrick Skin Prototype IV to VI – to treatment with micro-needling and 35% glycolic acid chemical peels. Both the groups were monitored every two weeks for a duration of 12 weeks.

Micro-needling is a technique that involves tiny, sterilised needles piercing the skin to stimulate the collagen production and reduce scarring. Chemical peels, however, involve applying a solution to the skin that removes the top layer.

The treatment procedure revealed that micro-needling was a more effective method. The measurement of the reduction in scarring was done using the Goodman and Baron Scarring Grading System. The treatment led to an improvement of two points or more on the grading system for only 33 percent patients who were given chemical peels treatment and a whopping 73 percent patients who received the micro-needling treatment method.

Rao said in a statement, “Based on the results of this study, patients whose darker skin precludes the use of stronger chemical peels, which can permanently discolour darker skin, should treat acne scars with micro-needling. For patients with lighter skin who can use stronger peels without risk of discoloration, chemical peels might still be the best option for some.”